World Headline-Making Exhibition Princess Diana’s Elegance & A Royal Collection Opening at Newbridge Silverware


After its successful tour of headline making exhibitions in Hong Kong and New York, Princess Diana’s Elegance & A Royal Collection is coming to the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware, Newbridge, Co. Kildare (Ireland). Featuring a collection of Princess Diana’s most famous and highly glamourous garments and accessories assembled since her historic 1997 charity auction the exclusive exhibition opens on the 4th of June 2024 and runs until the 17th of June 2024. This will be the only European exhibition appearance before Princess Diana’s Elegance & A Royal Collection heads to auction on June 27th at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.

Julien’s Auctions, the industry leader in the sales of Princess Diana’s most important garments, made headlines last year in the $1.14 million sale of her Jacques Azagury 1985 ballerina-length gown, a new auction record for the most expensive dress worn by Princess Diana. The exhibition consists of a capsule collection of some of Diana’s most luxurious cocktail and evening gowns, daywear, hats and handbags.


From her philanthropic missions to royal tours and appearances–Diana’s style and elegance changed royal fashion forever. Many of her favourite British designers whom she championed, including Catherine Walker, Victor Edelstein, Caroline Charles, and Murray Arbeid, and the exquisite designs they created for her, cemented her status as a style icon during her remarkable reign as the beloved People’s Princess.

William Doyle CEO of Newbridge Silverware said, “Princess Diana didn’t just enchant the world with her grace and unparalleled fashion sense; she also captured hearts with her profound inner beauty and boundless compassion. While her flawless appearance and timeless elegance made her a symbol of global style, it was her genuine warmth and unwavering commitment to aiding the disadvantaged that truly left an indelible mark on humanity.  We are delighted to be able to showcase this special exhibition and want to thank Julien’s Auctions for their collaboration.”

On becoming Princess of Wales after her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana captivated the world with her fairytale wedding gown, a masterpiece crafted by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.   The final toile of her wedding dress is in fact on permanent display at the Museum of Style Icons and is a ‘must see’ display for Princess Diana fans.

Martin Nolan of Julien’s Auctions said, “Princess Diana has a timeless allure, she exuded movie-star glamour that transcended mere fashion, revealing her very essence to the world. Entrusting her confidences to designers and courtiers, she wove a language through fabrics, colours, and silhouettes, allowing her to converse with and inspire global audiences through the medium of attire. Infused with her signature humor and humble demeanor, each design became a reflection of her spirit, endearing her even further to the public. We are very excited to show this exhibition and would encourage people to visit it before June 17th.”

Radiating poise and finesse, Princess Diana effortlessly choreographed her movements to complement sumptuous gowns by Murray Arbeid or the regal elegance of basque-waisted creations by Catherine Walker. As she assumed the title of HRH Princess of Wales, she embraced a role as patron to British fashion designers, championing their talents to bolster the industry.

The exhibition features the Murray Arbeid Midnight Blue Strapless Tulle Diamante Star Gown, that Princess Diana wore to the Premiere of The Phantom of the Opera in 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London. This is a particularly important gown and is estimated to sell in excess of $400,000.  Other key garments include the Victor Edelstein Magenta Silk and Lace Flamenco Style Evening Dress that was worn in 1987 to the London Coliseum for a performance of the Opera, The Masked Ball and the Catherine Walker Yellow and Navy Skirt Suit worn in 1989 on a visit to a British Forces Shore Base, in Tamar, Hong Kong.

The intersection of fashion and royalty spans centuries, with monarchs historically dictating prevailing styles. Much like Queen Victoria, whose attire showcased British materials to bolster local industry, Princess Diana leveraged her position to champion not just fashion, but artistry and craftsmanship. Her infectious style became a vehicle for raising awareness, shining a spotlight on issues such as AIDS, mental health, and homelessness, inviting the world to share in her boundless compassion. In her lifetime, Princess Diana earned the endearing title of ‘The People’s Princess,’ her legacy enduring through her timeless fashion and steadfast love, continuing to captivate hearts long after her passing.

Princess Diana’s Elegance & A Royal Collection opens on the 4th of June 2024 at the Museum of Style Icons and runs until the 17th of June. Admission is free. For more see