Even though the winter is biting hard, did you know that right now is the time to plant bare root trees and shrubs?  November to March is generally known as ‘bare root season’ and gardeners in the know will be aware that this is the time to plant trees and shrubs without risking the plant dying. The reason for this is because the specimens are currently dormant, they are not growing and don’t mind being disturbed.

Caragh Nurseries, just outside Naas in Co. Kildare has over 55 acres of land mainly covered in trees, shrubs and hedgerows and are specialists in large trees, hedging and shrubs. The nursery is owned and run by Ian and Jo McGarry who are fast gaining a cult following of dedicated gardeners from all around the country due to their extensive knowledge, massive range of trees, hedging and ‘framed tree’s which provide instant privacy in a garden. “Many trees, shrubs and hedgerows can be planted without pots or soil, this is known as bare root”, said Ian. “The plant doesn’t look great at this stage of the year as they are dormant and without leaves but you will benefit by planting them now as planting bare root is much more cost effective, it’s much easier and plants also establish themselves faster, so it’s worth taking the time now to invest in good trees and shrubs for your garden, you will reap the benefits.”

Caragh Nurseries is a full-time production nursery and has trees and shrubs at all stages in production in open ground in the heart of the Kildare country side. The plants and trees are undercut when necessary in order to produce healthy trees and hedging that will establish well in their new homes.  The nursery also specialises in large espaliered trees created especially to create instant screening and privacy.

“Now is the time to get digging,”, said Ian, “it can be somewhat daunting to know what to plant, where and when but we also provide lots of advice on how to plant bare root specimens.  If you are planting a hedge just be careful about your spacing, what may have one plant to the metre of one species could require 4 of another and do not be tempted to bury the root.  Many people feel they need to place the roots, right down, deep into the soil, this can often result in rot.  The roots should be placed at soil level to let the roots flare out.”

Ian, together with his wife Jo are a mine of information when it comes to planting larger specimens of trees, shrubs and plants. “It might seem like an odd time of year to start planting and of course nothing looks very attractive when it has no leaves, flowers or colour but remember the plant is really just ‘asleep’ said Jo. “When people come to our nursery they can expect to go away armed with lots of information on how to look after their purchases too, one of the main things to look out for is to make sure you don’t let your plant dry out. If you don’t intend on planting the trees on the day you buy them just make sure to give them a small amount of water and protect against frost until you are ready to put them in the ground.”

A visit to the nursery is certainly an impressive sight, polytunnels with smaller plants and heat loving varieties can be found to the front and to the rear, and as far as the eye can see row, after row of outstretched branches can be seen.  The ranges include indigenous varieties as well as more unusual specimens from both the northern and southern hemispheres.  Fruit trees as well as decorative plants line the walkways of what is truly a gardener’s paradise.

The nursery has recently undergone several large commercial projects including the development of a spa garden at the five star Galgorm Hotel in Northern Ireland and the replanting and design of the avenue and entrance at the Keadeen Hotel in Co. Kildare.

“Planting bare root makes sense on so many levels”, said Ian. “People can save up to 33% on the price of the plants if they buy them at this stage,

Caragh Nurseries is located just ten minutes from the M7 motorway, in the pretty village of Caragh, near Naas in County Kildare. The new Autumn/Winter brochure is hot off the press and is full of ideas and designs to help you make your garden beautiful in time for spring 2017. For more information see www.caraghnurseries.ie or call + 353 (0) 45 879170. Facebook.com/Caragh-Nurseries, Twitter @CaraghNurseries.




For further press information, or to interview Ian or Jo McGarry of Caragh Nurseries please contact Aileen O’Brien O’Brien PR + 353 (0) 45 407017 Mobile +353 (0) 86 8403624 or aileen@obrienpr.com