Play Golf like a pro with Michael Dixons top tips!

K Club Pro Michael Dixon Shares his top tips on improving your golf.

1. Staying in the present: The only shot that matters is the one you are playing. No evaluating, no judging, no anticipating the result – just trust and acceptance. 

2. Hands position when hitting a shot: I like to see the hands on the inside of your left thigh for every shot except the driver. For the driver, the hands should be just to the left to the zip of your trousers, thus creating a hit on the upswing.

3. Connect to the target: Good golfers have very good connection to their target. The more you are connected the more your instincts and subconscious will kick in.

4. Releasing the club & creating your optimum swing speed: Turn the club upside down, gripping it just below the club head. Then swing it at your normal swing speed and listen for the SWISH sound. You should be hearing the ‘swish’ at the ball and beyond. If you are hearing the ‘swish’ before the ball, this means you are hitting it from the top and losing out on your full swing speed – this means lost distance.

5. Alignment: Start by standing behind your ball and pick a piece of grass six inches in front of your ball on the ball-target line. From here, walk into the shot lining your club face up to the piece of grass that you have chosen. Then lining your body up parallel to the ball-target line. A good way of checking if your body is correct is to put your club across your hips and see if they are running parallel to your ball- target line.

6. Trust your swing: Leave the doubting, self-critical, careful side of your mind in the clubhouse! Trusting a flawed swing will definitely produce a better shot than not trusting it.