O’Brien PR takes charge of two of Ireland’s premier sporting events in 2017

As featured in the Kildare Post and on KildareNow

Representing the world’s largest airport retailer and some of Ireland’s most well-known brands and events, the success of local company O’Brien PR has continually grown throughout the firm’s 14 years in business.

When Aileen O’Brien first established O’Brien PR in 2003 it was a small firm with big ambitions, and it wasn’t long before those ideals began to come to fruition and she established the company as one of Ireland’s leading public relations firms. When the world’s largest airport retailer, Dubai Duty Free, came calling in 2006 to take on the job of helping to run their sponsorship of the Anglesey Stakes at the Curragh, the early impressions made were obviously positive as the firm has ran the public relations campaign of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby ever since the airport retailer took over the title sponsorship of the historic race in 2008. This year will also be O’Brien PR’s third year working as the PR team behind the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open, Ireland’s largest annual sporting event which will be held in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, this year.

The firm’s first client was Beaumark Ireland, a company that manufactured and distributed electrical appliances around Ireland at the time. The first job with their early client was to run the public relations campaign for the launch of the George Foreman Grill in Ireland, and it’s fair to say that it was a resounding success.

No other country across the world saw the new ‘Lean mean fat-grilling machines’ fly off the shelves with such haste, and O’Brien PR were even asked to cease their public relations campaign once the grills sold out as the demand had become too high to sustain. The campaign involved around a number of key components, the most notable of which was organising live television and radio interviews with former world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman on national stations to promote the product.

Along with Dubai Duty Free, O’Brien PR also represents internationally known clients such as The K Club, Ireland’s first AA Five Red Star and the host to the 2006 Ryder Cup, along with last year’s Dubai Duty Free Irish Open which Rory McIlroy won.

“The last 14 years of business have been great for O’Brien PR and it is as much down to our many clients as it is to the hard work of the staff here,” said Aileen O’Brien, CEO and founder of O’Brien PR.

“We have seen that as we grow our clients grow and the events they run become increasingly popular, and that is a really positive aspect of what we’ve been doing here.

“To be handling the public relations campaigns of such major international brands obviously brings a certain amount of pressure, but that is the type of pressure that the staff at O’Brien PR thrive on and we will continue to go from strength to strength. There is also a great amount of enjoyment to be taken from being involved with such internationally recognised events like the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby, and we love extending our services to a varied range of clients as it provides something different each and every day.

“Each time we sit down with one of our clients or a potential new client we like to examine their business, what they need and what they want in their public relations campaign. It takes getting to know the client as much as knowing the industry itself as every business is different, and it’s up to us to tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual,” she said.

O’Brien PR now work with clients that range from gym owners to airport retailers, insurance groups to racecourses and almost everything you could imagine in between. Their network extends right across Ireland, with clients located in various corners of the country who can all attest to the sterling work carried out by O’Brien PR.

Separate technology and sports divisions have recently been opened at the firm, helping to further expand the range of services that O’Brien PR can offer.

If the next 14 years prove to be as successful as the years that have gone before, O’Brien PR can look forward to many more major clients and big events down the line.