How to reduce anxiety when public speaking


Your heart is beating so loud you can almost hear it in your head…your palms are sweaty, you feel slightly ill.  What is going on?  It’s because you have to speak in public.

Don’t worry, everyone feels slightly anxious or nervous before delivering a speech or a presentation and if someone tells you otherwise they are lying!  But you know what you can harness that anxiety and make it in to raw energy! Use that power to make your presentation or speech really pop.  Here’s a few quick tips that might help.

  1. Be prepared!

Don’t even think about rocking up at a meeting where you are supposed to deliver a presentation or an event without being prepared.  Fail to prepare meals prepare to fail…

We all know people that seem to stand up without a note or scrap of paper in their hand, but don’t be fooled they are prepared they have practiced they have logically gone through what they want to say and guaranteed they are using some kind of flash cards.

  1. Don’t learn your speech off by heart

If you learn your speech off by heart, what happens if you forget a line or a word?  You will lose your way and be completely thrown off. Also, people end up saying their speech off like a poem or a song and it’s not one bit interesting for the audience.  Certainly, know your speech well, be prepared and have your points ready but don’t get caught up on the exact words. You should use flash cards and put your points on each card which should also be numbered.  Remember, the beginning, middle and end which should be your conclusion.

  1. Remember to breath!

Deep slow breaths are important for relaxation. Take slow breaths, think of your tummy as a balloon and imagine filling your tummy with air. Short shallow breathing comes from your chest and is no good at all, it actually makes you more anxious!  So, think about your breathing and before you get up on stage or at the top of that boardroom, take three or four really good slow deep breaths.

  1. Enjoy it

Enjoy the moment, congratulate yourself, you are brilliant, just remember you can do it!