In early spring, as the daffodils started their annual display and the snowdrops bid farewell to their hardy petals a new scent has started to fill the air at Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny.

Rudy Lyrath, the Blonde Retriever pup now turned famous perfumer to the stars has unveiled his newest creation, ‘Eau De Rudy’.  The delicate perfume has been made by Rudy together with a team of canine fragrance experts in a bid to bring a fresh new whiff to the market.

Speaking through a dog whisperer Rudy said, “us dogs have always had a keen sense of smell and we never quite understood why humans don’t use their snozz in the same way we do. Basically, if we want to suss someone out we just take a little sniff of them and that tells us all we need to know about their character.  Everyone knows for example that a Postman’s arm is possibly the tastiest little snack you could ever munch on or that a car tyre smells so great you just want to pee on it. It’s common sense, so that made me and an elite team of canine lab technicians in the Alps come up with the idea of ‘Eau De Rudy’.  You just squirt a bit on and you will be irresistible and popular with dogs from all over the world.”

Indeed, such has been the success of Eau De Rudy that it has almost sold out in Germany the UK and Japan.  “We had a huge order in last week from the German Shepherds while the British Bulldogs have just placed their third order with us- it’s gone barking mad!”

It is believed the secret formula is made from the tears of cats, pieces of chewed slipper and moonbeams caught on a blade of grass.  Fans of the perfume include Postman Pat, The Tooth Fairy (who has a morbid fear of dogs) and RTE racing pundit Ted Walsh who said it smells better than a lot of the horse s**t he comes across at racetracks around the country.

To order your own bottle of Eau de Rudy you need to hire a dog whisperer who speaks ‘Paws’ (a dialect largely spoken on a small rock beside the lake, under the old oak tree at Lyrath Estate).  www.lyrath.com  #EauDeRudy