In early spring, as the daffodils started their annual display and the snowdrops bid farewell to their hardy petals a new scent has started to fill the air at Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny. Rudy Lyrath, the Blonde Retriever pup now turned famous perfumer to the stars has unveiled his newest creation, ‘Eau De Rudy’.  The delicate perfume has been made by Rudy together with a team of canine fragrance experts in a bid to bring a fresh new whiff to the market. Speaking through a dog whisperer Rudy said, “us dogs have always had a keen sense of smell and we never quite understood why humans don’t use their snozz in the same way we do. Basically, if we want to suss someone out we just take a little sniff of them and that tells us all we need to know about their character.  Everyone knows for example that a Postman’s arm is possibly the […]

Newbridge Silverware welcomes two of Princess Diana’s most iconic garments

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana and to mark this special year two particularly important exhibitions are currently running in the UK. ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ opened to the public on Friday, (24th of February) at Kensington Palace and will run throughout the year.  Garments that are now owned by museums and private collectors all over the world are included in this exhibition including the famous pale pink Emanuel blouse which is owned by Newbridge Silverware and which has been lent to the exhibition.  Diana famously wore this blouse in her engagement portrait by Lord Snowdon in 1981 and the piece is regarded by the curators of the exhibition as one of the most important garments within the collection. The photograph of a young, Diana wearing the blouse was originally commissioned as part of a Vogue feature on ‘upcoming beauty’.  It is reported that Diana walked into the shoot and […]

Valeo Foods Ireland conference- ‘Partnering for success’

O’Brien PR ran the Valeo Foods Ireland conference for our client, Valeo Foods at the Marker Hotel, Dublin on the 20th of February 2018. The Valeo Foods Group is one of Europe’s fastest growing consumer food producers, with a portfolio of category leading brands, many of them iconic household names.  Valeo Foods produces and sells over 600 million units a year from its state-of-the-art facilities across Ireland and the UK.    The company is a food giant and boasts many much loved brands within its stable including Bachelors, Jacobs, Odlums, Robert Roberts, Kelkin, Rowse Honey  and Findlaters Wines to name but a few. O’Brien PR coordinated the delegate listing and arranged all logistics for the conference including securing the venue, coordinating with the hotel on bespoke menus which even included Valeo Food products. We also oversaw the set and stage design, audio visuals, secured the guest speakers and a celebrity MC and oversaw a complete programme […]

We’re hiring: Have you what it takes to join the growing team at O’Brien PR?

O’BRIEN PR MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ACCOUNT MANAGER Due to continued growth, O’Brien PR is seeking an Account Manager to join our growing team located at Tougher’s Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare.  The successful candidate will be commercially minded and have a desire to develop a career in public relations and communications.   THE PRIMARY RESPONSIBILTIES Creating plans and strategies for clients in conjunction with the Managing Director and overseeing the implementation of same. Pitching and placing stories with key media including writing all press material, presenter notes for broadcast interviews, client fact sheets etc. Organising logistics for large events including creating guest lists, overseeing the complete schedule of the event and managing all third-party suppliers. Contributing towards the marketing activity and business development of O’Brien PR Ltd.   THE PERSON Degree or diploma in PR or related discipline. Minimum 3 years’ prior experience working with a Public Relations agency. Experience working within a team […]

O’Brien PR takes charge of two of Ireland’s premier sporting events in 2017

As featured in the Kildare Post and on KildareNow Representing the world’s largest airport retailer and some of Ireland’s most well-known brands and events, the success of local company O’Brien PR has continually grown throughout the firm’s 14 years in business. When Aileen O’Brien first established O’Brien PR in 2003 it was a small firm with big ambitions, and it wasn’t long before those ideals began to come to fruition and she established the company as one of Ireland’s leading public relations firms. When the world’s largest airport retailer, Dubai Duty Free, came calling in 2006 to take on the job of helping to run their sponsorship of the Anglesey Stakes at the Curragh, the early impressions made were obviously positive as the firm has ran the public relations campaign of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby ever since the airport retailer took over the title sponsorship of the historic race in 2008. This year […]

How to reduce anxiety when public speaking

HOW TO KEEP CALM WHEN PUBLIC SPEAKING Your heart is beating so loud you can almost hear it in your head…your palms are sweaty, you feel slightly ill.  What is going on?  It’s because you have to speak in public. Don’t worry, everyone feels slightly anxious or nervous before delivering a speech or a presentation and if someone tells you otherwise they are lying!  But you know what you can harness that anxiety and make it in to raw energy! Use that power to make your presentation or speech really pop.  Here’s a few quick tips that might help. Be prepared! Don’t even think about rocking up at a meeting where you are supposed to deliver a presentation or an event without being prepared.  Fail to prepare meals prepare to fail… We all know people that seem to stand up without a note or scrap of paper in their hand, but don’t be fooled they […]

The K Club Christmas Countdown…..

Wow, Christmas really is around the corner now!  Don’t worry though, our friends at The K Club have been busy preparing their Country House for one very special visitor…YOU (oh, and Santa of course!). Christmas shopping, cooking and entertaining can be hard work, so you could always call The K Club and let them look after you and yours this Christmas. The chefs have been busy in the kitchen preparing tasty mince pies and Christmas puds and the smells of cinnamon, spice and all things nice emanating from the kitchen have got us all in the Christmas spirit! We tried to get Chef to give us his secret Christmas gingerbread men recipe but he wouldn’t so we nagged him for days and eventually he gave in! Here it is: The K Club’s Secret Christmas Gingerbread Man Recipe Ingredients 100g vanilla sugar 1 egg 100g butter 450 g plain flower 225 ml treacle 1 teaspoon bicarbonate […]

Play Golf like a pro with Michael Dixons top tips!

K Club Pro Michael Dixon Shares his top tips on improving your golf. 1. Staying in the present: The only shot that matters is the one you are playing. No evaluating, no judging, no anticipating the result – just trust and acceptance.  2. Hands position when hitting a shot: I like to see the hands on the inside of your left thigh for every shot except the driver. For the driver, the hands should be just to the left to the zip of your trousers, thus creating a hit on the upswing. 3. Connect to the target: Good golfers have very good connection to their target. The more you are connected the more your instincts and subconscious will kick in. 4. Releasing the club & creating your optimum swing speed: Turn the club upside down, gripping it just below the club head. Then swing it at your normal swing speed and listen for the SWISH sound. […]

A quick PR glossary from A-Z

HERE’S A QUICK PR GLOSSARY FROM A- Z A Account – A programme or campaign created on behalf of a client, and managed by an agency or consultancy. Account team – The team of agency staff assigned to a client and his/her programme. Generally consists of various members drawn from board director (overall strategy and top level advice); account director (team management and quality control); account manager (day-to-day management); senior account executive/account executive (execution of most day-to-day activities); and account assistant (research and admin support). Advertising – Presenting persuasive material to the public by means of paid space or broadcast time to promote a product, idea, or service. Advertising cost equivalent (ACE) – How much would this editorial piece cost if it had been paid-for advertising? ACE or advertising cost equivalent is sometimes used to give PR a monetary value. Advocacy – Support or argument for a group, an organisation or a cause. Agency / […]

Fennel and Pear Tart by Head Chef at the K Club

Fennel and pear tart with piccalilli, fennel foam and pear tuile This vegetarian dish is beautiful to look at and even better to taste. The homemade piccalilli for me is the star – with its fresh, tangy flavour, it adds great zip to the dish. I love the buttery pastry against the earthy pear and fennel. When you pair a fruit and vegetable together, the natural sugars in the fruit really work to enhance the flavour of the vegetable. MAKES 6 FOR THE POACHED VICTORIAN GARDEN PEARS 500ml (17½fl oz) water 50gm (2oz) caster sugar 4 whole pears, peeled and cored   FOR THE PICCALILLI brine, made by dissolving 85gm (3oz) salt in 250ml (9fl oz) water 110gm (4oz) baby onions, peeled and halved 110gm (4oz) small cauliflower florets 3gm (xx tsp) ground ginger 3gm (xx tsp) ground turmeric 3gm (xx tsp) mustard seeds 5gm (¼oz) Pommery mustard 190ml (7fl oz) cider vinegar 45gm (1½oz) […]

The Michael Collins Signature Cocktail

‘The Michael Collins’ By Seventy Six on the Mall, the bar at the Imperial Hotel Cork   4.5 cl (3 parts) Cork Dry Gin 3 cl (2 parts) freshly squeezed lemon juice 1.5 cl (1 part) sugar syrup 6 cl (4 parts) Carbonated Water   Method Mix the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a tall glass, top up with soda water, garnish and serve.

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